The IJRE Publications is established within the year of November-2013 with individuals from numerous avenues of multidisciplinary profession, Who have close during a single platform to redefine the structure of multidisciplinary profession within the country, wherever it’s seen solely as an business orientated profession.

IJRE, first published the papers in January-March 2014 and the frequency of the journal was quarterly in 2014 after getting more response from users, reviewers, editors and authors, we decided to change the frequency from quarterly to monthly in 2015 and from January 2015, it is continuous publishing.

We are happy to introduce ourselves because the novel, impending and sovereign on-line engineering data services within the world. Its basic aims to support each effort to “empower technical education and research/Young research engineering scholars”. With a primary of its kind web site within the country, it strives to enhance the information of scholars and professionals within the numerous fields of multidisciplinary by providing valuable resources within the style of ebooks, articles etc. it’s a platform for all students, budding engineers to develop their career more. primarily that specialize in Students/ Young research engineering students, the prime objective of is to bridge the gap between business and Institute by promoting mutual affection and relationship between Professionals & Students/ Research students.